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Eye Repair Products
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Eye Shadow Singles
Your Favorite Single Eye Shadow Colors in a Mirrored Compact
Shadow Sets for Special Eyes by Faye
Faye has selected special colors and matched them in sets for your eye color. Faye makes it easy to use her recommended colors for you special eyes.
Eye Shadows Trios
A trio of Faye's Favorite Shadows in a triple compact with complementary colors.
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Brush C 5
Your Price: $40.00
Brush C 5
Perfect for every color of eye shadow. This brush allows each color to blend perfectly from one shade to the next.
Eye Liners Automatic Pencils
Your Price: $29.50
Eye Liners Automatic Pencils
Liners are essential for defining the eyes. Soft, smooth formula for sensitive eyes. Water-resistant. Self sharpening. Select from Faye's Special Colors.
Eyeliner Superwear Gel Pencil
Your Price: $29.50
Eyeliner Superwear Gel  Pencil
This essential eyeliner pencil glides on effortlessly for all day wear. Use sharpener to customize or renew point.
Your Price: $29.50
Mascara is often considered the most important product in eye makeup. Ours is water-resistant and conditioning. Thickens and lengthens without flaking. For sensitive eyes. State-of the-art brush. Select from exciting colors.