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Faye's 1 Night Serum

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Dry and Combination Skin

Paraben free formula

Net Wt. 30 ml

A clear, luxurious serum that is formulated with fortifying lipids that help to seal and protect the skin's moisture balance. Sphingolipids and silicones are combined in a rich formulation to help create a smoother-than-silk surface prior to makeup.

Lipids help to renew the skin's barrier function thereby reducing precious moisture loss.


Apply two drops over a cleansed skin. Allow to absorb and dry before makeup application.


Delivers oil-free moisture enhancers to all types of skin.

Contains lipids that are important for the healthy structure and function of the corneum layer.

Intercellular lipids provide a protective barrier seal to the skin's surface protecting the skin from environmental free radicals.

Discourages dryness and flaking.

A perfect base for a flawless makeup.

Sphingolipids - appear to work with the cellular system in providing a restorative effect on a damaged or disturbed corneum layer.

Cyclomethicone - provides a siky, smooth feel to this product, is a non-comedogenic emollient in the form of silicone that can deliver active ingredient.

Dimethicone - a form of silicone that gives products slip and feels smooth on the skin.

Ceramides - form a protective barrier and reduce the natural water loss. They repair the corneum layer in cases of dry skin and improved skin by hydrating.


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